Hotspot Shield VPN provides private and free access to the users, enabling them to browse any webpage of their choice without any threat. It is one of the most trusted VPNs available for users to make their work easy. It provides complete protection to your privacy and also allows you to access information which is restricted in your country.

Users should get a VPN hotspot for their device to keep it secured and protected from being tracked. With the advent of technology, everyone wants to go online for different services. It somehow compromises their privacy. Many hackers keep an eye over networks and attack the soft target to dig out information.

How Hotspot Shield VPN is helpful
There are many features provided by the Hotspot Shield VPN for the users which ensures their overall security over the internet. Here are six key facilities provided by hotspot Shield VPN that make it a popular choice among users.

  • No more blocked websites
    The most exciting feature of the VPN hotspot is that users will be able to unblock websites. Some of the network administrators put filters and firewalls, thereby restricting you to access your favorite content. You may unblock them with the help of a Hotspot Shield VPN.
  • Anonymous browsing
    It creates an encrypted tunnel between the computer and network, which allows the users to browse anonymously. It also reduces the chance of your browsing history being tracked or spied upon.
  • Allows to hide your IP address
    This is yet another prominent feature of the Hotspot Shield VPN that lets the users keep their online activity secured from hackers. Hackers generally look for loopholes and try to steal sensitive data such as important and confidential bank details. The VPN hotspot provides a mask to the actual IP address.
  • Private browsing
    Whenever you connect your system to the Hotspot Shield VPN, all your sensitive information gets secured and encrypted. This makes your browsing safer than ever.
  • Malware protection
    If you visit any site that has malware, then Hotspot Shield VPN will provide you complete protection. This is because it detects more than 3.5 million malicious sites from infecting your device.
  • WiFi security
    If you are among those who frequently connect your device to public Wi-Fi, then the Hotspot Shield VPN will provide you the assured security over the internet. Your browsing session and data would be secured and kept private.

There are millions of users who have protected their device with Hotspot Shield VPN to make their browsing secured. The VPN does not compromise with your data by storing them or keeping a track on your online activity, which makes it a safe option to consider for the users. The VPN hotspot is available for users for different platforms, making it more convenient for them to protect any of their devices. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as well. Users may choose it for any of the devices having any operating system.