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Whether you're looking for the fastest VPN, the most secure VPN, or the best VPN for streaming, our VPN expert panel has got you covered. Check our tops picks by each category

Express VPN

Best VPN

Ranked #0 out of 24 VPNs

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Nord VPN

Best Free VPN

Ranked #2 out of 24 VPNs

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Proton VPN

Best For YouTube

Ranked #8 out of 24 VPNs

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Surfshark VPN

Best In Value

Ranked #3 out of 24 VPNs

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Privado VPN

Best Free VPN For Torrenting

Ranked #19 out of 24 VPNs

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CyberGhost VPN

Best In Free VPN Trials

Ranked #4 out of 24 VPNs

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Our Research Methodology

At VPNGuide, we believe that a thorough and rigorous VPN research process is essential to provide our users with accurate and unbiased information. Our expert panel has developed a best-in-class methodology to provide you with most reliable results.

Our Methodology



We test VPNs across maximum number of parameters which include privacy, speed, security, streaming, torrenting, usability and customer support


Hours Of Testing

Our experts have extensively tested VPNs for a cumulative 1300 hours, giving you confidence in their reliability


VPNs Tested

We have thoroughly tested over 50 VPNs in various major categories to provide you with the best options


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More than 10k users have purchased VPNs based on our recommendations and have found it to simplify their lives