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Updated Mar 14, 2024

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Danica Simic

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs

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Whether trying to stream your favorite shows on Netflix or playing your favorite games online, you know the importance of maintaining online security and anonymity. If you’re traveling abroad, some countries may restrict connection to certain apps, which is why VPNs are great tools. In this article, we’ll review Luna VPN and compare its bells and whistles, advantages, and potential drawbacks. 


Luna VPN is a powerful VPN service for iPhones. The best part is that it’s available free of charge, allowing you to mask your online presence on your iPhone or iPad. There is a lot of buzz going on around free VPN services, which is why we’ll look in-depth to see whether Luna VPN is worth using in the first place. 


There are not many reliable and free VPNs for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. Luna VPN presents itself as an easy-to-use application that you’ll install on your iPhone and browse securely and freely in no time. There are nearly 1,000 reviews on the App Store, indicating that a lot of people have already used it, while the 4.4 rating out of 5 indicates that many people, if not all, were satisfied with the use. 


The website doesn’t contain all the necessary information. Some parts of the website still use dummy texts, while the Privacy Policy is not available to read. Nevertheless, in the further sections, we’ll focus on more technical aspects of Luna VPN and see whether you can use it to browse anonymously. 

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Privacy and Logging
Security & Features
Price and Value
Server Locations
Bypassing Censorship
Device and OS compatibility
Ease of Use
LunaVPN Key Features
Data capNASpeed(in MBPS)40
Logging PolicySells dataData Leaks-
IP Addresses-Countries50
US NextflixNoTorrentingUnlimited
Simul. Connection1Works In ChinaNo
Kill SwitchYesCheapest Price$
Money Back Guarantee(in Days)-VPN Site
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LunaVPN Pros & Cons


  • 100% free
  • Uses AES encryption
  • It is good for playing mobile games
  • Has a kill switch
  • Supports split-tunneling


  • Poor no-logs policy
  • Slow performance
  • Doesn’t work in China
  • Not reliable enough for torrenting
  • Doesn’t bypass Netflix US block
  • 100% free
  • Uses AES encryption
  • It is good for playing mobile games
  • Has a kill switch
  • Supports split-tunneling
  • Poor no-logs policy
  • Slow performance
  • Doesn’t work in China
  • Not reliable enough for torrenting
  • Doesn’t bypass Netflix US block

Does Luna VPN Come with an Ad Blocker?

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Luna VPN doesn’t come with a traditional ad blocker. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a separate application available on both iOS and Android devices called Luna AdBlock. Using these apps together ensures that you will be able to block both indexed and unindexed ads from any websites, as well as YouTube. 

It’s not common to find a VPN service provider that comes with a built-in ad blocker. For example, some prominent premium VPN providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN come with additional ad-blocking features that ensure a seamless experience. 

Even though it’s free, Luna VPN uses an MITM proxy which helps it perform SSL interception to block ads. Even though this helps block ads on YouTube, Hulu, and others, occasionally due to this feature, the app may crash and disconnect you from the server.

With that in mind, it’s better to invest in an Ad Blocker or subscribe to a paid VPN service. 

Privacy And Logging Policy

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Can you use Luna VPN as a reliable VPN? Let’s find out. We mentioned that Luna VPN uses MITM proxy to mitigate and block ads. However, that’s not enough to ensure that it won’t sell your logs to third-party advertisers and analytics companies. 

Luna VPN hides its Privacy Policy so that when you visit its website, the page where the Privacy Policy should be found is unavailable. Nevertheless, more reports on forums like Reddit and other websites emerge that Luna VPN stores your private information and sells it to third-party entities. 

Luna VPN has access to your email address and payment history stored. Additionally, your clicks and other browsing history are also stored. This can help advertisers learn more about you and use that information against you. 

Luna VPN’s selling point is that it uses IKEv2 protocol which helps prevent leaks and keep your online appearance safe and anonymous. However, that doesn’t stop it from selling your data. 


Information Logged Yes/No
Browsing Activity Yes
Device Information Yes
DNS Queries Yes
Individual Bandwidth Used No
Individual Connection Timestamps Yes
Simultaneous Connections No
Originating IP Address No
Personal Information Yes
VPN Server IP No
VPN Server Location Yes
Date of Lost Connection Yes

Security and Encryption

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Despite the unreliable privacy policy, we must say that Luna VPN’s protection and security standards are sturdy. It supports split-tunneling, which prevents being tracked by hackers and will help you stay secure while online. 

It uses AES 256-bit encryption algorithm which will help protect your passwords and keep your device secure from abuse and manipulation. In addition to the powerful encryption features, Luna VPN uses its built-in kill switch which helps prevent hackers from seeing your true IP address and will disconnect you from the network in case your connection becomes volatile. 

While it may not use WireGuard protocol which prioritizes speed, in addition to IKEv2, Luna VPN uses OpenVPN protocol which helps you prioritize speed or security based on your needs.


Protocols Available in Luna VPN
IKEv2 Yes
OpenVPN Yes
WireGuard No


Encryption Available with Luna VPN
AES-128 No
AES-192 No
AES-256 Yes
Blowfish No
ChaCha20 No


Security Available with Luna VPN
DNS-leak blocking Yes
First-party DNS Yes
IPv6 Blocking Yes
Supports TCP 443 port Yes
VPN Kill Switch Yes
WEB RTC Leak Blocking No


Advanced Features Available in Luna VPN
Ad Blocking Yes
Dedicated IP Address NA
Double VPN No
Smart DNS No
Static IP No
Split Tunneling Yes
Tor Over VPN Server No
Tracker Blocker No

Pricing Structure

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Luna VPN is 100% free. There’s no free trial, money-back guarantee, or tiered pricing structure because all features that LunaVPN offers are 100% free of charge. The only price that you pay is the potential private data that LunaVPN may sell to third-party entities due to its bad privacy policy. 

Does Luna VPN Support Torrenting?

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

One of the main reasons why people go to VPNs is to use torrenting features. Downloading and uploading torrents comes with risk, mostly that which is legal. To torrent securely, it’s best to use a torrent. 

They are equipped with encryption and tunneling protocols which prevents others from discovering that you use torrent. Unfortunately, despite the decent leak protection that we will discuss later in the article, LunaVPN is not the most reliable for torrenting. 

It’d be best to use it on servers located in countries where torrenting is not strictly monitored or considered illegal. Otherwise, you’re risking being sued for piracy and copyright infringement. We don’t endorse torrenting and other illegal activities related to it. This is an informational article. 

In Which Countries Does Luna VPN Have Its Servers?

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
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Many people wonder where Luna VPN servers are located. The service promises that there are over 1,000 server nodes, but it doesn’t specify where they are. However, if you take a good look at the app once you install it, you’ll notice that there are many servers scattered around The USA, Europe, and some parts of Asia. 

It’s worth noting that unfortunately, Luna VPN doesn’t work in China, mainly because there’s no server in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to connect at many other locations around the world. 

Streaming Platform Compatibility

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Netflix US, as the company implemented features and settings that prevent Luna VPN from accessing it, despite several servers located in the USA. Still, you’ll be able to access some other streaming platforms. 

You’ll be able to unlock Netflix in some other countries. In addition to Netflix, you can unlock other platforms such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and even Amazon Prime Video. Nevertheless, it wasn’t possible to stream Full HD for most of these services. 


Streaming Platform Works with Luna VPN
Sling TV Yes
Amazon Prime Video Yes
BBC iPlayer Yes
Disney+ Yes
Netflix US No
HBO Max Yes
Vudu Yes
Hulu Yes

Gaming Performance

Given that Luna VPN is available only on mobile devices, you’ll be able to use it to play mobile games only. It works well with mobile games and for the most part, it’ll help you get rid of ads. Sometimes, some ads may slip in, but it shouldn’t hinder your performance too much. 

However, if you’re playing some intense mobile games like FPS, it may be difficult to maintain a stable connection. Luna VPN doesn’t boast great speeds and may slow down and cause lag and latency after a while. 

Ease of Use

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

For some people, using a VPN is difficult. That’s why in this section we’ll discuss how hard it is to install Luna VPN and whether you need some technical knowledge to use it effortlessly. 

How Easy Is It to Set Up?

Mobile VPNs are relatively easy to set up. Whether you use the Android or iOS version, all you have to do is download and install the Luna VPN from the Google Play Store or App Store respectively. From there, you just need to connect to the server you want to use and enjoy your online experience. 

How Easy It Is to Use for a New User?

New users shouldn’t have any problems registering with this VPN service. It’s as easy as downloading the app, making an account, and plugging in and playing. Even advanced features like kill switch and others are made accessible and intuitive for new users. 

Platform Compatibility

Luna VPN doesn’t have its desktop or Mac version. With that in mind, you won’t be able to use it on Windows, MacOS, or Linux. However, there are mobile apps for Android devices and iPhones. 

Browser Compatibility and Extensions Available

Luna VPN isn’t compatible with web browsers and doesn’t have extensions or add-ons. It’s only available as a mobile app. 

Customer Support

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Luna VPN used to have a live chat feature, but it’s no longer available or approachable. All attempts to contact customer service were to no avail. However, if you leave feedback in the Google Play Store or App Store, you’re likely to be contacted quickly. 


Customer Support Available in LunaVPN
24/7 Live Chat Support No
24/7 Email Support No
ChatBot No
Live Chat Support Yes
Email (Ticketing) No
Email Via Online Form No
Tutorial Videos No
Resource Center No

Final Verdict

Ranked #31 out of 35 VPNs
Expert Rating :

Luna VPN is a free VPN service for mobile devices that supports ad blocking through its built-in protocols and features. It’s considered relatively secure but collects and sells your private information which makes it a less desirable VPN service. For a fully reliable and anonymous browsing experience, it’s best to choose some other VPN service or subscribe to a premium provider like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Luna VPN safe to use? -

    If you don’t have any private data to share then Luna VPN is quite safe to use. However, due to its privacy policy, it’s not a recommended pick if you share multiple passwords, credit card information, and other private information.
  • Is there Luna VPN for Windows? +

    Luna VPN is available only for mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Are Luna VPN and Luna AdBlock the same? +

    No, they’re two separate tools. Luna VPN has a way to bypass ads in games and streaming services but doesn’t use a particular ad block. On the other hand, Luna AdBlock doesn’t have a dedicated VPN features.
  • How to install Luna VPN on iOS? +

    Installing Luna VPN on iOS is quick and easy. All you need to do is download the app from the App Store, wait for the installation process to conclude, and run the app.
  • Can Luna VPN unblock Netflix US? +

    Despite 5+ servers in the USA, Luna VPN can’t bypass Netflix's US geo-blocking protection. You can still use other streaming services.