Doris Muthuri

Doris Muthuri (Kendi) is a Senior Writer at VPNGuide. As a cybersecurity researcher and senior writer for VPNGuide, Doris actively investigates ways to help readers enjoy internet freedom. She has written various articles about VPNs, including comparisons and step-by-step guides to help users access online services they should have access to while staying safe online. Doris constantly tests and investigates the latest VPN features and privacy tools to ensure readers find the best solution. Before joining VPNGuide, Doris researched and wrote extensively about online privacy and security for over 5 years. Her writing has been featured on top tech sites such as vpnmentor, AT&T and When not writing about the latest tech, Doris contributes to cybersecurity online forums, sharing her expertise with industry professionals and the public. She also enjoys nature walks and planting trees with her two boys.

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